Schnell mal essen – Goodwood 2019

Porsche at Goodwood FOS 2019!

Racing and Recipes, the Porsche racing cookbook by and with Jürgen Barth, was this year at Goodwood FOS 2019, guest of the Porsche Club Great Britain. We would like to thank everyone who picked up a signed copy of Jürgen Barth’s race cookbook from the PC GB. We had great conversations and meetings  on the 3 hot and dry and one very wet last day in Goodwood. Jürgen Barth met many old and many new friends from all over the world. So also an old customer of the decades ago one of the last Porsche 917 in the factory for very little money (in contrast to today’s value) bought. Probably one of the most original Porsche 917 that still exists. An unbelievable story and yet to experience very closely on the track. A total of 12 Porsche 917s gave themselves the honour in Goodwood. Among them also the original, the first overall winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans, the red/white race car used by Porsche Salzburg with the number 23, driven at Goodwood by former winner Richard Attwood. Later Jürgen Barth had the pleasure to drive this very special Porsche 917 on the track. Yesterday the car was still in the museum for the special exhibition, today for a few days in Goodwood. 

Count Rossi di Montelera – the man behind the collaboration between Martini and Porsche in the early 1970s – had ordered a silver Porsche 917 with road registration from Stuttgart. If you will, one of the first Porsche Exclusiv. The car was delivered with an American number plate, so that the car could drive without problems on the European roads. Count Rossi liked to take his guests from his Parisian estate through the streets of the metropolis. In Goodwood the car drove with plenty of patina at the hill climb. 

As with the Porsche racing cookbook with its fast and light or somewhat more elaborate recipes, there were also fast racing cars in Goodwood but also large and elaborate racing cars to admire. Among them were a few Porsche 911 Carrera RSR from the early days of this great era. We wish the newest RSR, which was presented in Goodwood much success on the race tracks. 

We also had a lot of success with the signing hours with Jürgen Barth at the Porsche Club Great Britain. For relaxation Jürgen Barth enjoyed a delicious coffee from the VW bus of Chris Pruden, Events Creative Manager at PC GB. Besides, the study of the Porsche Bergspyder based on the Porsche 981 was presented in the tent of the club. For Jürgen Barth it was a great opportunity to talk about his father’s grandiose racing successes at the European Mountain Championship during interviews. You can find more of them in the Porsche Racing Cookbook Racing and Recipes. 

Porsche at Goodwood, thank you Porsche Club Great Britain!